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31 World-Class Photographers

Darran Leal, Michael Clark, Mackenzie Stroh, Kelly Brown, Sarka Babicka, Petar Jurica, Kelsey Goodwin, Rob Woodcox, Rory Lewis, Kym Illman, Marcus Bell, Mitchell Kanashkevitch, Nicholas Goodden, Cole Kor, Lisa Rhinehart, Anna Kuperberg, Olivier Morin, Bill Gekas, Lauren Bath, Ian Plant, Iven Pedretti, Kevin Mullins, Franck Boutonnet... and more!

Darran Leal

Wildlife Photographer

Your camera gear choice is most important when travelling overseas. Discover what to take on safari to capture incredible wildlife photography.

Bill Gekas

Fine Art Photographer

Discover how Bill Gekas uses compact mirrorless cameras and artificial light to produce his unique brand of fine art portraiture.

Rob Woodcox

Conceptual Artist

Learn from this popular conceptual artist whose keen imagination and precise execution has won him legions of social media followers.

Lauren Bath

Travel Photographer

Australia's first professional Instagrammer reveals the camera gear she uses in the tourism industry to capture images from around the world.

Rory Lewis

Portrait Photographer

Peek inside the camera bag of a world renowned portrait photographer who captures iconic images of actors, celebrities, politicians and more.

Ian Plant

Landscape Photographer

Discover the camera gear choices of this Tamron Image Master who travels the world capturing the natural beauty of landscapes and wildlife.

Michael Clark

Sports Photographer

Marvel at the enormous gear collection of a world-class sports photographer. Learn the gear choices for the most extreme situations.

Jason Vinson

Wedding Photographer

Discover the unorthodox photography equipment used by this popular wedding photographer who pushes the boundaries of creativity.

Sarka Babicka

Food Photographer

What are the camera gear choices of a world-class food photographer? Learn how the camera and lens choice can make or break an image.

Kevin Mullins

Street Photographer

Street photography is characterised by fast reactions, audacity and often a keen sense of humour. The choice of camera gear is also important.

Anna Kuperberg

Family Photographer

Fast moving animals and children necessitate the right camera gear for the job. Learn from this family photographer and her quirky, creative images.

...and many more

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Tons of Camera Gear

Mirrorless, Medium Format, Film, dSLR, smart phone... if it takes a photo, it's in the Shotkit Book! Discover the cameras, lenses, flashes and all other equipment world-class photographers from a variety of disciplines use to make their jobs easier.


Sports Photography


Wildlife Photography


Conceptual Photography


Wedding Photography


Street Photography


Travel Photography


Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography

Four Bonus Videos

The Six Tips for Shotkit video series gives you six actionable tips that you can apply immediately to improve your photography and grow your photography business. Get access to four exclusive videos in the Shotkit Book Vol.II.

Fer Juaristi

Wedding Photography

Known for his crazy compositions and artistic flare, learn what keeps world famous wedding photographer Fer Juaristi inspired, motivated and at the top of his game.

Rob Woodcox

Fine Art Photography

Join conceptual fine art photographer Rob Woodcox on a behind the scenes photo shoot adventure in Portland. Learn first-hand how he interacts with models to create mind-blowing pieces of art.

Steve Saporito

Photography Sales Techniques

Steve Saporito is famous in the photography industry for his hand in creating million dollar businesses via in-person sales. Discover his 6 tips that you can implement today to boost your bottom line.

Franck Boutonnet

Wedding Photography

With over 15 years of experience as an international wedding photographer, Franck Boutonnet breaks down the art form into 6 easily digestible tips that will help you improve your skills.

Over 250 Pages!!

Hundreds of photos accompany text in the photographers' own words describing what gear they use, as well as why and how they use it. Get an exclusive peek inside the camera bags of the world's best photographers.

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About the Author

Mark Condon is a British wedding photographer living in Sydney. He compiled the Shotkit Book Volume II to help photography enthusiasts learn from some of the world's best photographers, and to give an exclusive peek at the camera gear they use in their roles as professional photographers.

Mark Condon

"Any photographer knows that it doesn't take the best camera gear to take the best picture. Having said this, we all like to have a nosey around in other people's camera bags! This book is for those of us who love the gear we use as much as the art we produce.

Let's all learn together and become better photographers!"